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The future history page contains the main events from a Human perspective.


Information Age ( -2080)

2015 - Sharp economic downturn do to low natural supplies, and a growing demand for fossil fuels. Huge economic systems failed. There was a large public outcry for renewable fuels.

2034 - A permanent lunar station was established.

2040 - First manned mission to Mars.

2055 - Nuclear Fusion power was developed using Helium-3.

2058 - Discover of the Higgs boson results in minaturization of fusion powered cells used in automobiles.

2069 - Ecology War results in oil producing nations fighting the spread of fusion power. Parts of the middle-east become a radioactive waste-land.

2074 - International Law enforcing green buildings (new buildings must maintain themselves ecologically).

2078 - City of Ptolemy founded on the moon (multi-national Lunar Embasy).

2080 - Society struggles with too much garbage, and no place to put it.

Age of the Computer (2086-2130)

2086 - The first of many Artifical Intelligence(AI) discovered.

2100 - Fossil fuels mostly depleted.

2103 - An ancient abandoned alien base set up on a large asteroid orbiting just outside the asteroid belt was discovered. It aided in the eventual discovery of Faster Than Light (FTL) travel.

2105 - A new generation of super-computers were designed by AI.

2112 - FTL became theoretically possible.

2122 - Nanite hives were built and benefited society in many ways...lenght of Human life extended, and highly efficient machines created to name a few.

2130 - Nanites introduced into the Martian core to increase magnetic field and gravity.

Solar Age (2133-2410)

2133 - Green house factories set up on Mars.

2195 - Small permenant base station built on Mars (100 people).

2201 - Wal-Co purchases Australia, creating the first for-profit government.

2285 - First successful flight of an FTL ship.

2286 - The Sol-net (solar internet) is created. FTL communication is now possible.

2290 - Europa base built (100 people).

2305 - Titan base built (100 people).

2333 - First contact with aliens from Alpha Centauri...they are less advanced, no space travel (4th planet).

2338 - Factories on the moon created to mass produce star ships.

2372 - Habitable planets in the Wolf 359 system discovered.

2400 - Atmosphere 10% complete on Mars.

2410 - Green house factories on Mars changed to O2 factories.

First Expansion Age (2422-2800)

2422 - A wave of mega-corp planetary colonization begins.

2476 - Major trade routes established to All planets in the Alpha Centauri and Wolf 359 systems (abundant food and natural resource systems).

2581 - Galarans settle Macedon. Galarans are unknown to Humans.

2601 - Alpha Centauri settlement started...5000 Humans sent (3rd planet no intelligent life).

2688 - Wolf 359 settlement started....3000 humans sent (1st planet...only planet, and no intelligent life).

2688 - Lunar population reaches 1,000,000.

2690 - First contact with the Avani, which remain distant and disconnected.

2700 - Atmosphere 20% complete.

2700 - 30+ civilizations have been discovered, and 20+ new human colonies established. Humanity has explored about 50 light years from the Sol system.

2722 - Formation of the Macedonian Confederation (Galarans).

2795 - First contact with the Ley'Torians at Procyon.

Age of Wars (2813-2960)

2813 - A weaponiozed virus is released killing 2 billion people on Earth and forcing a quarantine until a treatment is developed. Nobody takes responsibility for the attack.

2815 - International Colonization Organization and Cooperation Agency (ICOCA) created.

2820 - First Systems War pits the early independent settlements against the newer ICOCA colonies. The ICOCA is victorious.

2822 - Mars base camp expanded to four large colonies (50000 people each).

2822 - plants introduced on Mars. Vast forests and plains are planted, spanning thousands of miles.

2825 - Second Systems War breaks the ICOCA coalition into the Terra First Worlds and the Interstellar Confederacy of Planets.

2832 - Humanity unites under the Terran Union to protect against the Ley'Torians. Several attacks on the home world brings unity among the colonies.

2839 - Some human worlds break from the Terran Union and form peacable relations with the aliens.

2870 - Anti-Earth league of planets forms to bar immigration from Earth.

2873 - Lunar population reaches 5 million.

2873 - Discovery of slip gate technology. Allows for interstellar travel (multi-dimensional travel). Ships can now travel great distances in little time through a system of gates.

2873 - Lunar War of Independence grants the moon independence from Earth governments.

2875 - Compact of Interstellar Independence guarantee's independence to all extra-solar settlements, spurring interstellar colonization.

2930 - First contact with the Galarens leads to turmoil between Humans and Galarans.

2953 - Start of the Great War (Galarans strike the Esoi first, followed by Humans striking back.

Great Expansion Age (3000-3320)

3000 - Atmosphere 40% complete.

3017 - 1st colonization team sent (500,000 people).

3020 - Outlanders' Alliance forms.

3173 - Systems on the extreme edge of the Bubble in Outlander and Galaren space begin to grow silent (no one knows it’s the Hixoe).

3179 - The Outlander fleet alerts the Bubble as to the presence of the Hixoes.

3187 - The Outlanders Alliance dissolves after being nearly totally conquered by the Hixoe.

3188 - The Local Confederation forms.

3189 - The Avani join the Local Confederation.

3190 - The Solari Challenge is place before the Hixoes, fleets converge on Solari.

3191 - The Solari Challenge is won (if it can be called winning) by the Locals/ The Solari Terminus is signed/ Reconstruction efforts began.

3192 - Christening of Monument/ Dissolution of Local Confederation/ Formation of the Gala-Eosi Recovery Zone.

3250 - Atmosphere 60% complete.

3250 - Humanity has explored about 250 light years from the Sol system, and have discovered thousands of inhabitated worlds.

Migration Age (3321- 3572)

3321 - Second colonization team sent (1,000,000 people).

3378 - Third colonization team sent (1,000,000 people).

3415 - Start of major exodus of earth.

3480 - Mars atmosphere 80%.

3560 - Atmosphere 100% complete.

3562 - The Human Imperium is formed from radicals within the TFW.

3568 - First contact with the Lightfirean.

3572 - Earth evacuation complete.

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