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The fictional universe of is currently open to submissions for all of the Milky Way Galaxy. The map has divided the galaxy into a 26 by 26 grid with the Sol/Earth system being in cell M5. When creating a star, just tell which cell it belongs in....for example, you could select A1 for a planet in the upper left corner of the Milky Way. Up to this point, our main focus has been in cell M5 in an area called the Local Bubble. Those who have joined the community must first have two articles in the Archives for cell M5 before creating submissions for other cells. This helps us develop our home worlds first, and also rewards those who have contributed.

This is our Milkyway Galaxy. The Earth is found in cell M5.

The Milkyway Galaxy -- Saithan

This is cell M5 of the above map. The image of Orion's Arm can be seen. The arm is about 3,500 light years across and about 10,000 light years in lenght.

Orion's Arm Cell M5-- Saithan, TA Lucas

This is the Bubble Group and is just a small subsection of the above map (top center group of bubbles).

Bubble Group

The Local Bubble is where our sun is located. It is located in the center bubble of the above map.

Local Bubble
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